Data Center Design and Engineering 2015

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Organizer of Conference: IKS-MEDIA

With increasing power of Russian data-centers the engineering infrastructure role is becoming more and more important. For the present building from zero level data-centers are minority, but at these projects designers are able to use the most interesting and energy efficiency solutions. However usually they have to use resourcefulness and mother wit for DC implementing in already built facilities in which innovation solutions using unreal and too expensive. During conference we are going to consider wide spectrum of themes about sustainability engineering infrastructure, its management and operation, cost in depending on availability and reliability, new technology using potential. 
We try to find answers on many practical questions which are important for every DC manager who works in data-center industry:
  • Low PUE: is it really important?
  • Who helps in data-center creation? Designer, consultant, system integrator, vendor?
  • How to find area for data-center? Choice criterion
  • Is modular data-center expensive or already not?
  • DCIM – is it required?
  • How to cut costs for upgrade?  
  • Failures: how to resist? What the prevention methods are more effective? 
  • Russian national DC standard – is it necessary or not? Could it help?
  • How to build operation department? 
  • Where and how to find the ways for power consumption decreasing?
  • Will be a place in Russia for alternative energy sources?
Besides this we will know about new vendors and suppliers offers for building small and large DC engineering infrastructure, about its efficiency, about new functional opportunities of standard solutions and non-standard methods for building and design reliable DC engineering systems. 
DC engineering systems for consideration:
  • Power Supply Systems
  • Climate control
  • Management and Monitoring Systems (DCIM)
  • Cabling Systems
  • Physical Security Systems

Conference audience: owners and top-managers of data centers, CIO, IT-directors, construction directors, heads of operation departments, experts from IT and engineering departments. Over 300 participants in total.